I am over 30 and loving it!  I’m fun, creative, truthful, determined, witty and unstoppable.   When I first thought about creating this blog, I was like, nah…who has the time.  Well, I found the time and I utterly enjoy sharing my style with you.  I’ve grown so fond of myself (lol).

Growing up, I loved clothes.  I was always anxious for my mom to take me shopping.  We either went to the mall to purchase clothes or we used a personal shopper.  No matter where the clothes came from, when I received them, I was always anxious and eager to style them.

My father was always dressed up whenever he wasn’t working.  He was casket sharp as they say.  To me, no man could dress better than my Dad. He always had on a suit and a hat.  He was the coolest Cat in town, lol (at least in my eyes).  We never went shopping together and I was okay with that.  He was the ATM.  As we both got older, I actually did all his shopping.

Because of my Mom and Dad, I fell in love with clothes, shoes and anything else associated with fashion at a young age. No dolls for me.  My parents could give me clothes for birthdays, holidays and any day.  As I get older, my love for clothes has not changed.  I shop for everybody.  I love me some retail therapy and personal shopping!!!  Some people hate it—but I just love it!

Fashion for me means “things that compliment me.”  What I wear is all about me.  No one can define who I am.  It is important to know who you are and what looks great on you.   We are who we are.  Everyone should have their own distinctive style. So join me while I display my style and hopefully, you will find new ways to explore new things about yourself.

Come as you are,

I’m just Tammy